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Whew!  This day seems to be going on…and on… and on!  Crazy things have happened already: a 45 minute car chase in Los Angles/Long Beach, California (which, by the way, involved TWO women! Highly unusual), an early morning shooting in Virginia at a Coast Guard center (which I am still waiting to find out if it is in any way tied the the last four early morning shooting involving military facilities over the last couple of weeks), then another shooting- I think in New Hampshire– near a school that was a polling place (which resulted in the place being closed for I don’t know how long). 

Its like anticipating the big game this election. You want your team to win, but don’t want to over-anticipate that reaction.


So here we are- another election.  I admit that I really slacked off in posting here but I am going to try and start it back up again through today’s polls and news.  Then through the next 2 years as the country looks for its next president.  There have been so much absolute craziness this election cycle and I may (or may not- lets be realistic here) document it through out the day or in the weeks ahead.

I’m running on three hours of sleep and will probably stay with the election coverage on Fox News, Fox Business Online, and various articles that pop up throughout the day from a range of sources. 

GO OUT AND VOTE Conservatives!